Winter weather means dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair! Not really…

Winter weather means dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair! Not really…

Hair and skin need that extra TLC during winters. The unforgiving winds and the constant drying out of heaters can cause a lot of damage to hair and skin, often making you look and feel dull. Not surprisingly nature has armed us with some of the best ingredients to look after, pamper and indulge ourselves.

Coconut Oil is one of the best gifts of nature! It is a magic oil for hair, skin, body and yet we tend to underestimate it. Here are some of our picks to help you combat the winter worries!

The richest product in the Palmer's Coconut Oil range, Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Cream 125g will deeply soften and pamper dry and thirsty skin. Gives intense moisturising, hydrates, the range also has a body lotion, shampoo and conditioner and all under £5! Check it out at

Hair deserves extra attention during winters and can soak up all the moisture you can possibly give it, especially if you have a curly mane that seems to have a mind of its own! Try the Cantu range to cleanse, condition, cure and control. The simplest yet most effective way on winter hair care is to use cream based or leave in conditioners that work to give intense moisture with ingredients like Shea Butter and Argan Oil.

Bow down to Cocoa Butter found in plenty in nature and truly god’s gift to mankind! Naturally high in fatty acids, it helps to nourish and lock in moisture. It is widely found in many inexpensive products like Nubian Queen Cocoa Butter supplemented with Vitamin E. This unique formula is a super hydrating lotion, it is also known to be very beneficial in preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks before and after pregnancy. Learn more at

Make sure you exfoliate to allow the skin to soak up all the goodness!

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