Top 7 Wigs to Wear During the Autumn Months

As the summer is now but a distant memory, it’s time to start thinking about looking at some great-looking wigs and hair extensions that can really complement your own look and beauty regime with minimal effort.  Autumn is here – and here are seven of the best wigs we have to help you ring in the months ahead.

Amelia Lace Wig

One of our more popular choices, the Amelia Lace Wig is dark and mysterious – it’s a popular choice, too, thanks to its length – and it’s made completely from human hair.

Athena Lace Wig

Suited to darker skin tones, the Athena is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a straight look – non-synthetic and deep in colour, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking to strike a new look in the autumn months to come.

Campbell Lace Wig

The Campbell Lace Wig is one of our favourites – dark, deeply curious and tussled just enough to appear casual yet classy, it’s a popular option for customers who are looking to strike an informal look ahead of the colder months ahead.

Christina Lace Wig

Suited to lighter skin tones, the Christina Lace Wig is colourful and fun-loving – this is a look that is best suited to anyone looking to create a peppy, light-hearted look that also helps to complement more serious suits and attire.

Cindie Lace Wig

This layered wig comes with hidden talents – more than just a simple hairstyle being emulated, there is a nice second tone to uncover here to give your look that little bit more depth – hidden depth at that – a great look to try.

Goddess Lace Wig

This short, funky hairpiece is just the ticket if you’re aiming to cut a classy look in even the most packed of rooms.  Best suited to darker skin tones, this is a chic look which borrows from retro aesthetics while remaining stunningly contemporary.

Lexie Lace Wig

The Lexie is one of our favourites – it’s big, it’s bold, it’s definitely a touch of retro – for a seasonal look that looks as warm as it feels, this is the ideal pick for anyone looking to turn a few heads.

We have a plethora of wigs, hairpieces and extensions as well as products and accessories to benefit any budget – why not take a look at what we have on offer and see if you can embellish your wardrobe and style for the months to come?

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