Paltas B.K.C Shampoo - 250ml


Over time our hair can accumulate lots of layers of excess product residue. This powerful and effective shampoo not only cleans your hair beautifully, but also was formulated to cleanse and condition your hair, leaving it looking the healthiest you'll have seen it.

This clever shampoo strips back your hair, without removing those good natural oils reforming your hair to its original healthy form. No more tangles, cleaner, more conditioned healthy hair in one wash! Perfect for all hair types.


Perfect for braids and weaves, Nourishes, Moisturises and Revitalises hair, Gets rid of dandruff, Reduces dryness and itching, Enjoy shiny hair, Hair is left conditioned and healthy, Easier to manage hair, Style hair more easily, Proven unique formula, Easy to use. Directions: Keep bottle where other beauty products are, Replace plastic lid after use.


  • For strong and healthy hair
  • Restores lubrication of scalp
  • Stop worrying about your hair
  • Effective hair treatment that works

Brand - Paltas B.K.C.