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Nubian Queen COCOA BUTTER with Vitamin E 30oz./850g


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Where else will you find a beautiful mix which contains high moisture in Cocoa Butter that is coupled with divine Vitamin E? Here is Nubian Queen Cocoa Butter Cream that is well-known for repairing damaged skin. Vitamin E has been used to aid your skin for many years now and it's as natural as it gets!

Cocoa Butter helps prevent dry and peeling skin. Nubian Queen Cocoa Butter is perfect for treating dry skin when the hydration-intense duo gets to work. The deep moisturizing will help you see your new boosted complexion that leaves your skin healthy and happy! It works super effectively to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks before and after pregnancy. Use every day for best results. Suitable for all skin types, specifically for dry skin. Nubian Queen Cocoa Butter is now available in 20oz and 30oz. Store with other beauty products. Replace lid after use.


  • Keeps your skin super-hydrated
  • 100% natural ingredients with Cocoa Butter and Vit E
  • Boosts your skin complexion
  • Reduced stretch marks effectively
  • Easy to use