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Nubian Queen Lemon Natural Cream 50g - Tube


An extra strength formula, Lemon Natural Cream features non-hydroquinone which is well known for its abilities to remove dark spots, age spots and blemishes. Its properties help to lighten and blend skin tone so you no longer need to fret about those blemishes.

This UV protection formula is also created to moisturise, soften and relieve your sore and dry skin and with its lemon extract your skin will feel revived and refreshed! The cream works effectively to stop excess melanin production and formation, making for a flawless and beautiful complexion you've always dreamed of. Suitable for skin with blemishes. Available in handy 50g tube, perfect for travel.


  • Dark spot removal
  • Age spot reduction
  • Skin lightening and complexion enhancing
  • Natural lemon extract, Travel tube

Care Instructions: Store with other beauty products, Replace lid after use.