IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Carrot Growth Serum 6oz

£6.60 £12.99

The triple dose action of IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Carrot Growth Serum by IC Fantasia contains Carrot Root Extract, Vitamin A & E, and Corn Silk which keeps the hair smooth, soft, and silky. It strengthens the roots and helps in enabling the hair to grow longer and thicker. The volume is equalized by the quality and even heavily heat damaged hair is restored to its protected form.


  • This serum accelerates the growth of the hair along with the quality and makes the hair very soft to touch
  • The alcohol-free technique makes the hair very smooth
  • The dryness of the hair is treated well and frizz is completely controlled
How to use:
  • On damp hair: apply 4-6 drops to hair
  • On dry hair: apply 3-5 drops to hair