American Dream Miracle Serum 4-In-1 Concentrated Formula for Face and Body 56 ml


A highly effective brightening and blemish control formula, that helps clear skin imperfections and improves skin tone. Containing Salicylic acid to unclog pores and liquorice, Vitamin C and caffeine to brighten the skin and smooth out imperfections, this 4 in 1 Miracle serum is the answer to most skin problems.

Extremely effective at eliminating and preventing further razor bump issues. Reduces dark under-eye circles, dark spots and blemishes. Use it on its own twice daily to see the miracle effects. When you are comfortable that the issues you are addressing are under control then mix a few drops of Miracle serum into AMERICAN DREAM Cocoa Buttercream or lotion to super-boost their effects and maintain an even complexion. For use on the body, simply mix two or three drops with your body cream to maintain an even skin tone. Helps to brighten the skin without changing colour.


  • A unique concentrated 4 in 1 skin serum formulated with Vitamin C, salicylic acid, liquorice & Caffeine
  • Highly effective skin brightening, blemish and bump control formula which helps eliminate skin imperfections and improves skin tone
  • Eliminates Razor bumps and spots caused by shaving
  • Brightens, corrects, smooths prevents Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant
  • Suitable for use on the face: Use concentrated to target advanced issues and then mix with AMERICAN DREAM Cocoa Buttercream or lotion to Superboost for prolonged use