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Dream Girl 24 Inch Clip In Human Hair Extensions


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Perfectly designed premium quality 100% human, silky & straight hair. Euro Clip On hair is specially treated to ensure it is naturally strong and tangle-free, and reusable when maintained properly. They are a great solution for adding volume and length to your natural hair.

Euro Clip On hair is an ideal match for naturally fine hair textures and offers you full control to create your own unique look while that silky smooth finish adds shine and body for a brilliant look. This is enhanced by the hair being available as a Clip-on, noted for the ease with which it can be applied and the versatility it provides that enables you to define and showcase your style. 


  • 100% Human Hair
  • Size: 24 Inches
  • Style: Straight Clip-On

Stunning Full Head Coverage with 20 Clips!

  • 4 Long Strips (3 Clips Per Weft)
  • 2 Medium (2 Clips Per Weft)
  • 4 Small (Single Clips Per Weft)

Clip-On Step by Step:

Step One:
Section your hair and work from the bottom up. Snap the clip-ons onto the roots of your hair.

Step Two:
Work your way around and use the shorter pieces to create beautiful streaks of colour on the sides.

Step Three:
Once they are comfortably in, simply brush your hair over, making them invisible. 

Brand - Dream Girl Hair