Comb Thru Texturizer Texturant work by expanding the natural curl-wave pattern already present in hair, changing hard to comb hair into soft mangeable natural looking curls and waves in minutes.

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Pro-Line Comb-Thru No-Lye Texturizer Kit - Super

Pro-Line Comb-Thru No-Lye Hair Texturizer Kit Super is made especially for sensitive scalps. Designed especially for shorter hair styles; enhances the natural wave and curl pattern Maximum conditioning and longer-lasting texturizing results, making hard-to-comb hair more soft and manageable Includes Comb-Thru Lite Creme Moisturizer, Greaseless Gel Pomade, Comb-Thru 2-N-1 Shampoo, and Comb-Thru Softener 2 easy steps, works in minutes No-lye, no-mix

Pro-Line Comb-Thru Wave Keeper 8 oz

CombThru Wave Keeper 8oz